Monday, January 21, 2008

This is a raggy quilt, but can you see the difference? Instead of sewing an X in the center of each square, I sewed a SWIRL .... since one of the flannel fabrics features snowmen.....why not ??
This quilt took a little longer to make, because I did all the fringing by hand....clip, clip. clip..
All the fabrics are flannel, and in the middle of each square is a smaller square of is sooo warm and cuddlie.... One of my favorites....but the next one I make will be cut out with the Accucut machine....
If you want to learn alot about quilting and raggy quilting, you should check into some of the ebay quilting groups.... I'll just mention my favorites here...
Quilters cottage
and AQWWG which stands for A QUILTING WE WILL GO. When you do your searching on ebay...try putting in one of these group names.... like ..... RQQ or QCG you will discover so many beautiful handmade things and wonderful fabrics...... go see........!

OTHER QUILTS ... still fast....and easy......

Here is another quilt that I made. Can you tell I love the fast and easy quilts? This one is made of strips of quilt shop quality fabric, featuring ducks. 100% cotton and cotton flannel, with a thin batting. I believe it took me longer to add the bias tape around the edge, than it did to make the whole quilt! If you love my quilts, you can visit my sales on ebay ...... just search for friday-frog to see what I am selling this week...You can be sure it is quick and easy !

VALENTINES QUILT ... so easy ...

I must admit, I enjoy cutting out the quilts more than sewing them. But, this Valentines quilt was so much fun to design and sew....that I may just have to sew up another one... I used red and pink valentines fabrics and flannels for the squares and vintage chenille bedspreads for the raggy hearts. I have a huge machine, which is called an Accucut Grand Mark, which I use to cut the squares and shapes. It's wonderful...It cuts the squares and fringes the edges all at once. All you have to do sew it together. You run it thru your washing machine and dryer....and TA DA..... it starts the ragging process. So..... what do you think??