Friday, December 19, 2008


Here are a couple of photos of our new external wood burner... It is called a HOTTI.
In the morning, we heat the house with our regular propane furnace. Then we start a good fire in this thing and a blower motor kicks in and heats the house very well. We throw another armload of wood in at supper time, and it carries us thru to evening....We had lots of trees blown down, and some taken down by us, so we have lots of firewood. We really do need a log splitter, but it's not in the budget right now.
We have electric blanket throws, to use for watching TV....(thank you Rebecca and Brian and Kids!!!) So as you see...we are comfy warm! Now....going outside is another thing.

I always think of one of my sister Lindas sayings...."Did you get dressed at the Clown College today?"..... With thermal long johns, big fuzzy socks, jeans, sweat shirt, hoodie, scarf, hat and gloves...(none matching)...and topped off with big ol' farm really does look like I got dressed at the Clown College...winter semester!!

It was a cold and blustery Frog Hill Farm

It's finally here....Ol' Man Winter.....we have about 4" of snow and the roads and driveways are covered with a thick layer of ice. Fred and Shadow are pretty much house and back porch dogs now, it's too cold for them to be out for long. Shadow is soooo sweet...she let me try those "jammies" on her before throwing them into the rag bag. She didn't like the headband, but I thought it would keep her ears warm....

It was so nice to hear from my high school friend David, he was sitting on his patio in shorts this morning....Well, there is something to say about life in Arizona!!