Saturday, January 10, 2009


The take five die, from Accucut is quite a wonder.....THIS photo shows how the die cuts the fabric. I have switched out several of my frog fabrics to preview it before sewing. In this block there are no seams to match....and the whole quilt top went together in two afternoons.

TAKE FIVE....easy quilt top

Here is a quilt top that I made using my Accucut machine. It cuts the fabric into squares and rectangles...and you sew them into blocks...NO SEAMS TO MATCH....YEAH!!

I have been collecting frog fabric for a long time, many beautiful pieces came from my sewing sisters in my ebay quilting groups. THANKS GIRLIES!! Now you can see where all those frog fabrics went to!


Wasn't it Granny Clampet who used to say..."There's one thing about ''s just as good the second time around!" Well, I don't know how to cook a opossum, don't think I want to...but we sure have had a lot of them around here lately. They chew into the feed bags, eat all the animal food, and perhaps the eggs, but most importantly,,,,,,,,,the scare the crap out of me! I found one sleeping in the big bin that we keep the day old bread in. At first I thought it was a small cat, but since I could not see it's head....I got the pitch fork to poke it with....YIKES!!! I reared it's ugly head up, and HISSED at I poked it several times..... I carried it to the burning barrel and left it there, stuck on the pitch show hubby. After a while, I thought I'd go check it out....those little "human-like" hands had me I bent down and stroked one of them....just to see what it felt like......OH GOODNESS....that critter was not dead....IT HISSED AT ME AGAIN AND showed me its razor sharp, pointy teeth.....
So here are the photos...what do you think? Send me your recipes!!! (kidding, just kidding!)