Saturday, July 12, 2008


My friend, Rosie, found an ad in the local newspaper for a "free" pot bellied pig. The ad also stated that they had a miniature horse for sale. Sight unseen, because I was in Arizona, I said, "I love to have them." I am afraid of "big" horses, but thought the mini would be a nice addition. This is a photo of the new piggy girl, "Angelina" with our own fella, Angus. The mini horse is nearly the same size as my sons black lab, Shadow. My daughter and her family were fostering Shadow in Arizona, but there was some fighting with their black lab........and Shadow had a fast trip from AZ. to Illinois! We love her, and she is a sweet girl. Fred, "loves" her too, so we need to keep them apart for a while......
The morning feedings for the animals who live in the quonset hut involve two bunches of ripe bananas, sweet oats, oats, hay, day old bread, and sometimes carrots.


Summer has come to FROG HILL FARM...and the day lilies are in full bloom.
Winter was so long and cold, and spring all to short.
I've been busy revamping an old house trailer, that my family has named NANA'S CLUBHOUSE. I am moving all my sewing machines, big ironing board, Accucut machines and FABRIC into it. We are about 1/2 done with the revamping! I have the front room set up with all the sewing and cutting equipment. The kitchen has some fabric storage, and a mini-fridge and a coffee pot. The little bedroom is full of tall white bookshelves filled with bolts of fabric. Still to be done....flooring for the hallway, convert the "gutted" bathroom to storage, and carpet the large back bedroom. I have a beautiful old bedroom set and my Gracie quilting set up for that room...... I listen to books on tape while I am working....OH, I AM SOOOO SPOILED BY ALL THIS!!!