Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Happy Chicken Day..."

Fred is all dressed up in his new bandana...sent to him from our wonderful Sewing Sister, Marilyn...Thank you! He is ready to celibrate HAPPY CHICKEN DAY.... I know it's not a real holiday...but when we gave the chickens a whole just seemed like a fest.The Goldies were the first out the door of the henhouse....and they were so happy to see their treat..One of the hens even brought a chunk of watermelon over and passed it thru the fence to Thor, the thunder rooster....He is kept in his own yard...because he is so powerful and mean to the hens.

A good time was had by all.....When they were done...only a very thin green rind was left...and there were some "stuffed chickens" .so to speak!


Anonymous said...

Hi there
I stumbled by accident across your blog...You have been a busy girl haven't you!!

Love the chooks!!

Will keep an eye on this to see all the goss and whats happening in the middle of a corn field!!

Love Glenda DU

Jeff said...

....Just checkin in w/you sis. Looks like the chickens really.....WAIT A MIN!...I'm a city boy. I didnt even KNOW chickens ate watermelon!! Well ok then.
The kittens in the bucket really hit home. Reminds me of all the kittens we use to find in the "playhouse" when we were kids.
Hope all is well............"Left Coast Brudda"