Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, I mailed the package to my son......AND IT DIDN'T GET THERE IN TIME.... Perhaps that was a good thing!! His luggage got "lost" in Moscow....and eventhough he is on the way home.....he dosen't know where his luggage is. So ... he will just have to mail the quilt, and other little gifties when he gets home.....Sometimes....a plan just dosen't work.....and sometimes...PLAN B is better than PLAN A.

We are doing well here, misplaced my camera....(grrrrr !!!) so no photos at this time....
It's too hot and steamy to work in my "clubhouse". MANY hubby for putting in new subfloor. As I mentioned earlier, my "clubhouse" is an old 65' x 14' house trailer. We took out the bathroom, now storage, and washed all the walls, installed new kitchen floor and carpeting in the front room. Last weekend, we went to the "MAN STORE" and got carpeting (yeah, the cheap stuff...but soooo pretty) and put it in the HUGE back bedroom. I moved 5 book shelves and fabric in.....and OH Goodness !!!! the floors started creaking and sagging.....SO...yesterday, we moved the fabric out, took up the carpeting, laid the subfloor, carpet back in, AND TA DA !!! Now, I just need a cooler, less humid day to move fabric back in. I also have a Grace quilting frame and machine that I will set up near the huge back overlooks a CORNFIELD (DA !!!) and I'll move a CD player in there too!!! Soon, I'll be able to quilt and listen to Stephen King at the same time!!!
Well, Buddies, stay cool and have fun..... I'll add more when I find that darned camera!!!


Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Hi April...
So glad that the quilt didn't get "lost" although I hope they find your sons luggage!

Hoping that you get some less humid days so that you can move into your clubhouse...just got to love having your own room!
Take care my friend
PS woohoo!!!see my spot on the live feedhjit map...yep I have my own spot!!! thats me...right down the bottom of Aussie land! *waving*

sewmeow said...

Your "clubhouse" sounds wonderful! AND such a great hubby to do all that work on it and help you get all set up! Let's see some pictures soon.

sewmeow said...

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